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    Abbott Cemetery    [TUA-169]
    Abrams Grave    [GS-389]
    Adams Church Cemetery    [TUA-321]                                    * Key to abbreviations *
    Addison Plot    [GS-250]
    Allen Family Cemetery on Daugherty Road    [not listed]
    Ames Grave    [GS-71]
    Ames Plot    [GS-72]
    Ames-Hacks Neck    [GS-133]
    Ames-Hyslop    [GS-75]
    Anderson Place    [GS-33]

    Andrews Cemetery on Chincoteague       [TUA-154]
    Annis Plot [not listed]
    Anthony Bell Plot (Old Trower)       [GS-61]
    Arlington    [GS-256]
    Assawoman United Methodist Church Cemetery    [TUA-100]
    Atlantic Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-112]
    Atlantic Methodist Church Cemetery    [TUA-111]
    Atlantic View (Quinby)    [GS-44]

    Ayres Lot    [GS-12]
    Ayres Monument    [GS-395]
    Ayres Plot    [GS-5A]
    B. Mears grave    [GS-306]
    B. T. Savage Grave    [GS-170A]
    Badger Burial Ground    [GS-200]
    Badger-Savage    [GS-213]
    Bagge Burial Ground in Accomack County    [GS-106]
    Bagwell Cemetery    [GS-252]
    Bagwell monument    [GS-287]
    Bagwell Plot    [GS-367]
    Bailey Cemetery    [GS-209]
    Bailey Cemetery    [TUA-277]
    Baily Graves    [GS-38]
    Baker Cemetery    [TUA-229]
    Baptist Church Yard Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-7]
    Barnes Cemetery near Kinsey Road    [TUA-204]
    Barnes Cemetery near Lee Mont    [TUA-326]
    Barnes Cemetery near Nelsonia    [TUA-243]
    Barnes Cemetery west of Hopeton    [TUA-300]
    Barnes near Parksley    [TUA-314]
    Barnes Plot at Guilford    [TUA-289]
    Barnes Plot near Calvary Church    [TUA-332]
    Barnes Plot near Mappsville    [TUA-166]
    Bay View (Scarborough Neck)    [GS-24A]
    Bayberry Farm    [GS-26]
    Bayley Burial Ground    [GS-275]
    Bayly Cemetery    [GS-348]
    Bayside Cemetery    [GS-384]
    Beach Cemetery    [GS-103]
    Bead Farm    [GS-331]
    Bell Burial Ground    [GS-52]
    Bell Cemetery    [TUA-57]
    Bell Grave    [GS-29]
    Belle Haven Cemetery    [GI-243]

    Belle Haven East Cemetery (Occohannock)    [GI-244]
    Belle Vue    [GS-168]
    Bell-Floyd    [GS-53]
    Beloat Place    [GS-303]
    Belote on Gargathy Creek    [TUA-189]
    Benson    [TUA-264]
    Benson-Richardson Plot    [not listed]
    Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery near Bloxom
    Beulah Baptist Church Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-150]
    Birch Plot on Chincoteague    [TUA-158]
    Blenheim    [GS-223]
    Bloodgood Plot    [TUA-133]
    Bloxom Cemetery  near Bloxom (on Bethel Church Road)
    Bloxom Cemetery near Mappsville    [TUA-253]
    Boggs Burial Ground    [GS-263]
    Boggs Place    [GS-268]
    Boggs Stone    [not listed]
    Boothe Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-148]
    Bowman's Folly    [GS-332]
    Bradford Plot    [GS-115]
    Bradford-Burton    [GS-49]
    Bradford-Hyslup    [GS-97]
    Bradford-White    [GS-203]
    Brittingham Cemetery    [TUA-65]
    Brodwater Cemetery    [TUA-72]
    Budd Burial Ground    [GS-371]
    Budd Cemetery    [GS-300]
    Bull Burial Ground / Bull Farm near Melfa
    Bull Cemetery east of Horsey    [TUA-79]
    Bull Plot    [GS-188]
    Bull Plot near Nelsonia    [TUA-249]
    Bull Site    [GS-6]
    Bull-Pennyville    [GS-88]

    Bundick Cemetery near Gargatha    [TUA-191]
    Bundick Cemetery near Modest Town    [TUA-187]
    Bundick Plot at Quail Circle    [TUA-178]
    Bundick Plot near Parksley    [TUA-220]
    Bundick Plot near Zion Church    [TUA-208]
    Bundick-Warner    [GS-375]
    Bunting Cemetery    [TUA-46]
    Bunting Place
    Burckard Burial Ground    [GS-296]
    Burford Plot    [GS-353]
    Burton Burial Ground    [GS-164]
    Burton Graves    [GS-193]
    Burton-Jones    [GS-170]
    Burton's United Methodist Church    [GS-163]
    Byrd Cemetery at New Church    [TUA-68]
    Byrd Cemetery near Dividing Road    [TUA-274]
    Byrd Cemetery near Groton Town    [TUA-257]
    Byrd Cemetery near railroad track    [TUA-261]
    Byrd Monument Plot    [TUA-278]
    Byrd Plot near burned house    [TUA-267]
    Byrd Plot near Cattail    [TUA-270]
    Byrd Plot near Gladding Landing Road    [TUA-273]
    Byrd Plot near Whites Crossing Road    [TUA-266]
    Calvary UME Church, Rhodes Point, Smiths Island
    Canton Ridge on Tangier Island    [TUA-4]
    Carter Plot on Chincoteague    [TUA-160]
    Cary Grave    [GS-352A]
    Cashville Rd.-Locust Grove Rd. Plot in Onancock    [not listed]
    Chance Burial Ground    [GS-165]
    Chandler Burial Ground    [GS-237]
    Chandler Cemetery    [GS-271]
    Chandler Cemetery    [TUA-225]
    Chandler Plot at Craddockville    [GS-32]
    Chandler Plot on Chincoteague
    Chandler Site    [GS-357]
    Chase Cemetery    [TUA-265]
    Chesser Cemetery near Assawoman    [TUA-101]
    Chesser Plot near Johnson's Corner    [TUA-78]
    Chestnut Vale    [GS-187]
    Chincoteague Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-67]
    Christian Plot    [GS-336]
    Christ's Union Baptist Church Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-149]
    Churn Cemetery    [TUA-323]
    Clark Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-147]
    Clayton Cemetery    [TUA-306]
    Clifton    [GS-362]
    Clover Hill    [GS-381]
    Coal Kiln
    Coard Place    [GS-382]
    Cokesbury Church    [GS-286]
    Colona Cemetery    [TUA-129]
    Colonna Burial Ground    [GS-131]
    Colonna Graves    [GS-135]
    Comfort A. Nock Plot [not listed]
    Conner Cemetery    [TUA-73]
    Conquest Cemetery near Temperanceville    [TUA-91]
    Conquest Chapel Church Cemetery near Hallwood    [TUA-96]
    Conquest Plot    [TUA-93]
    Cooper Grave    [GS-100]
    Copes Cemetery    [TUA-38]
    Copes Place
    Corbin Cemetery at Sanford    [TUA-23]
    Corbin Cemetery near Groton Town    [TUA-259]
    Corbin Cemetery near Jenkins Bridge    [TUA-48]
    Corbin Hall
    Corinth UME Church, Ewell, Smiths Island
    Craddockville Methodist    [GS-30]
    Craddockville Methodist South    [GS-31]
    Crockett Plot    [GS-234]
    Cropper Cemetery    [TUA-199]
    Cropperville    [GS-333]
    Croswell Cemetery on Holden's Creek    [TUA-40]
    Custis Burial Ground    [GS-258A]
    Custis Plot    [TUA-230]
    Cutler Burial Ground    [GS-136]
    Cutler Plot    [TUA-82]
    Cutler Plot on Saxis Island    [TUA-14]
    Cutler-Stewart    [GS-35]
    Dahl's Swamp    [GS-245]
    Daisey Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-155]
    Davis Lot    [GS-54]
    Davis Plot    [TUA-234]
    Davis-Mears    [GS-62]
    Deas Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery    [TUA-136]
    Deep Creek Plantation    [GS-386]
    Dennis Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-19]
    Dix Farm    [GS-330]
    Dix Grave    [GS-93]
    Dix Plot at Bullbegger    [TUA-58]
    Dix Plot near Metompkin    [TUA-200]
    Dix Plot near Parksley Road    [TUA-219]
    Doe Creek    [GS-391]
    Doughty Grave    [GS-228]
    Doughty Plot    [GS-76]
    Downing Burial Ground    [GS-117]
    Downing Plot    [GS-102]
    Downing's UMC Cemetery at Oak Hall
    Dr. Dix Farm    [GS-378]
    Drewer Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-15]
    Drummond Burial Ground    [GS-264]
    Drummond Cemetery at Sanford    [TUA-29]
    Drummond Cemetery near Jenkins Bridge    [TUA-39]
    Drummond Family Cemetery    [GS-318]
    Drummond Family Plot    [GS-319]
    Drummond Graves    [GS-341]
    Drummond Plot    [GS-244]
    Drummond Plot on Mink Farm Road    [not listed]
    Drummond-Doughty    [GS-36]
    Drummondtown Baptist Church    [GS-344]
    Drummondtown Methodist Church    [GS-340]
    Duncan Plot near Wagram    [TUA-61]
    Dunton Plot    [GS-112]
    E. T. Downing Plot    [GS-69]
    East Cemetery    [TUA-116]
    East Cemetery    [GS-201]
    Ebenezer Church Cemetery    [TUA-179]
    Edgehill    [GS-339]
    Edmonds Burial Ground    [GS-114]
    Edmonds Plot (Painter)    [GS-39]
    Edmonds-Braxton    [GS-13]
    Edwards Plot    [GS-305]
    Elliott-Floyd    [GS-181]
    Ellis Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-16]
    Elmore Plot    [GS-196]
    Ephraim Wessells Plot    [not listed]
    Evans Burial Ground    [GS-134]
    Evans Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-12]
    Evans Plot    [GS-227]
    Evans Plot on Saxis Island    [TUA-13]
    Evergreen    [GS-235]
    Ewell Cemetery near Youngs Creek Road    [TUA-304]
    Ewell Plot near St. Thomas Road    [TUA-302]
    Ewell Plot south of Mappsville    [TUA-172]
    Experiment Farm    [GS-34]
    Fairfield    [GS-224]
    Fairview (Andewey Plantation)    [GS-85]

    Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Onancock    [GS-294]
    Feddeman Cemetery at Sanford    [TUA-28]
    Feddeman Plot near Johnsons Corner    [TUA-80]
    Finney Grave    [GS-212]
    Finney Place    [GS-272]
    Finney, A. W.    [GS-376]
    Finney, Old Site    [GS-273]
    First Baptist Church of Mappsville    [TUA-171]
    Fisher Plot    [TUA-173]
    Fitchett Plot    [TUA-248]
    Fitzgerald Burial Ground    [GS-320]
    Fitzhugh Burial Ground    [GS-290]
    Fletcher Cemetery near Jenkins Bridge    [TUA-44]
    Fletcher Farm (Old Trower)    [GS-60]
    Fletcher Plot at Emmanuel Episcopal Church    [TUA-50]
    Fletcher Plot near Mason Road    [TUA-236]
    Fletcher Plot near Payne Road    [TUA-246]
    Fletcher Plot south of Bloxom    [TUA-235]
    Floyd Burial Ground    [GS-15]
    Floyd Plot    [GS-169]
    Foreman Plot    [TUA-59]
    Forest Grove    [GS-77]
    Forest Grove-Old Plot    [GS-78]
    Foundation of Faith Worship Center [not listed]
    Fox Graveyard [not listed]
    Fox Plot    [TUA-241]
    Fox-Burton    [GS-321]
    Fox-Poolman    [GS-370]
    Freeman Plot    [GS-282]
    Friendship United Methodist Church Cemetery    [TUA-121]
    "G" Site    [GS-394]
    Gardner Cemetery    [TUA-177]
    Garrison Lot    [GS-50]
    Garrison Plot    [GS-40]
    Gaskins Cemetery    [TUA-34]
    Gaskin's Church    [GS-260]
    Gaskin's Church-old    [GS-259]
    Gaskins Plot    [GS-302]
    Gen. West Place    [GS-138]
    George H. Bell Burial Ground    [GS-55]
    George's Point    [GS-274]
    Gibbins Plot near Zion Church    [TUA-201]
    Gibbons Cemetery near Metompkin    [TUA-205]
    Gillaspie Plot east of Mappsville    [TUA-167]
    Gillespie south of Mappsville    [TUA-175]
    Gillett Cemetery    [GS-352]
    Glebe, The    [GS-21]
    Glenn Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-17]
    Godwin Plot near Bloxom    [not listed]
    Gray Plot    [TUA-309]
    Green Plot    [TUA-165]
    Greenwood Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-152]
    Grinnalds Plot    [TUA-313]
    Groton Cemetery    [GS-327]                * Click here for a special article about this cemetery *

    Grotons Cemetery at Hallwood    [TUA-256]
    Grotons/Messongo Cemetery    [TUA-35]
    Guilford UMC Cemetery    [TUA-286]
    Guinea    [GS-81]
    Gulf Stream    [GS-104]
    Gunter Plot    [GS-393]
    Gunter Plot    [TUA-127]
    Guy Burial Ground    [GS-232]
    Guy Cemetery    [GS-208]
    Guy Plot    [GS-90]
    Guy Plot    [TUA-113]
    Holy Trinity African Baptist Church    [GS-87]
    Haley Burial Ground    [GS-176]
    Hall Cemetery at Messongo    [TUA-36]
    Hall Grave    [GS-398]
    Hall near Hallwood    [TUA-260]
    Hall Plot at Sanford    [TUA-25]
    Hall Plot near Withams    [TUA-53]
    Hargis Cemetery    [TUA-63]
    Hargis Plot    [GS-324]
    Harman-Phillips    [GS-155]
    Harmon Burial Ground    [GS-118]
    Harmon Grave    [GS-146]
    Harmon Place    [GS-154]
    Harmon Plot    [GS-161]
    Harrison Cemetery    [GS-242]
    Harrison Grave [unlisted]
    Harrison Plot    [GS-270]
    Hart Graves    [GS-364]
    Hart Plot    [GS-262]

    Hedra Cottage in Scarborough Neck    [GS-24]
    Henderson Cemetery    [TUA-95]
    Hermitage    [GS-29A]
    Hermitage Road    [not listed]
    Heron Hill    [GS-183]
    Hickman Plot near Bloxom    [TUA-238]
    Hickman Plot near Hopeton    [TUA-232]
    Hickman Plot west of Pastoria    [TUA-213]
    Hickman-Gravenor    [GS-380]
    Hickman-Killmon    [GS-119]
    Hill Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-162]
    Hills Farm    [GS-392]
    Hinman Cemetery    [TUA-245]
    Holland Cemetery    [TUA-102]
    Hollands Island    [not listed] 

    Hollies Baptist Church in Keller    [GS-151]
    Hollybrook    [GS-150]
    Hollybrook Farm    [GS-25]
    Holmes Grave    [GS-361]
    Home Place near Melfa    [GS-162]
    Hope Cemetery southeast of Gargatha    [TUA-196]
    Hope Plot northeast of Parksley    [TUA-224]
    Hopkins Graves [not listed]
    Hopkins Stones     [unlisted]
    Horntown Tabernacle Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-128]
    Houston    [TUA-60]
    Hurley Cemetery    [TUA-135]
    Hutchinson Graves    [GS-126]
    Hutchinson-Harborton    [GS-230]
    Hyslop Plot    [GS-98]
    Hyslop Site    [GS-27]
    Hyslup-Nock (Trower)    [GS-101]
    Ingram Plot (not listed)
    J. W. Taylor Memorial Cemetery    [TUA-108]
    Jacob Burial Ground    [GS-18]
    James Burial Ground    [GS-48]
    James Place    [GS-171]
    Jerusalem Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-84]
    Jennie Lee Phillips Grave [not listed]
    John Phillips Plot    [GS-198]
    John S. Bundick Cemetery    [GS-192]
    Johnson Cemetery    [GS-373]
    Johnson Cemetery    [TUA-122]
    Johnson Grave    [GS-346]
    Johnson Plot    [not listed]
    Jones Cemetery    [TUA-71]
    Jones Plot on Chincoteague    [TUA-157]
    Joynes Burial Ground    [GS-217]
    Joynes Cemetery    [GS-297]
    Joynes Plot    [GS-74]
    Joynes-Bayne    [GS-283]
    Joynes-Custis Cemetery    [GS-241]
    Justice Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-5]
    Justis B. Taylor Grave    [not listed]
    Justice Plot near Groton Town    [TUA-258]
    Justis Plot at Hunting Creek    [TUA-330]
    Justis Plot northwest of Parksley    [TUA-315]
    Justis Plot on Jacks Island    [TUA-333]
    Kellam Burial Ground    [GS-28]
    Kellam Plot    [GS-308]
    Kellam-Bell    [GS-57]
    Kellam-Groton    [GS-328]
    Kellam-Pungoteague    [GS-129]
    Kelley Plot    [TUA-282]
    Kelly Grave    [GS-159]
    Kelly Plot    [GS-311]
    Kelso Burial Ground    [GS-233]
    Kennahorn Grave    [GS-240]
    Kerr Place    [GS-288A]
    Killman Plot    [GS-229]
    Killmon Burial Ground    [GS-239]
    Killmon-Broadway    [GS-261]
    Kilmontown    [GS-206]
    Kitson Plot    [TUA-198]
    Knight Plot on Holdens Creek    [TUA-42]
    Knight's Cemetery    [TUA-37]
    Lang Plot at Temperanceville    [TUA-89]
    Lang Plot South of Temperanceville    [TUA-90]
    Lankford Plot    [TUA-293]
    Lawrence Cemetery    [GS-207]
    Laws Cemetery    [TUA-184]
    Leatherbury-Waters    [GS-266]
    LeCato-Bell    [GS-46]
    Leven James Plot    [GS-257]
    Lewis Burial Ground    [GS-390]
    Lewis Cemetery near Makemie Monument    [TUA-43]
    Lewis Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-8]
    Lewis Plot at Hunting Creek    [TUA-329]
    Lewis Plot at Lee Mont    [TUA-324]
    Lewis Plot near Johnson Landing Road    [TUA-327]
    Lewis Plot near Mappsville Baptist Church    [TUA-170]

    Liberty Cemetery in Parksley    [GS-400]
    Lilliston Graves    [GS-316]
    Lilliston Site    [GS-354]
    Lingo Burial Ground    [GS-99]
    Lingo Plot    [GS-79]
    Linton Cemetery (north) on Saxis Island    [TUA-11]
    Linton Plot (south) on Saxis Island    [TUA-20]
    Littleton Plot    [TUA-185]
    Locustville    [GS-180]
    Locustville United Methodist    [GS-178]
    Lofland Cemetery    [GS-238]
    Logan Graves    [GS-309]
    Logan Plot    [TUA-126]
    Long Plot at Modest Town    [TUA-180]
    Lucas Plot    [TUA-272]
    Macedonia Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-244]
    Main Ridge Cemetery on Tangier Island    [TUA-3]
    Major Doughty Plot    [GS-145]
    Major Farm    [GS-84]
    Makemie Monument Cemetery    [TUA-41]
    Maple Dale    [GS-82]
    Mapp Burial Ground in Accomack County    [GS-105]
    Mapp Graves    [GS-214]
    Marina Road Cemetery    [TUA-322]
    Mariner Plot    [TUA-119]
    Marino    [GS-399]
    Marshall Cemetery at New Church    [TUA-69]
    Marshall Plot near Horntown    [TUA-132]
    Marshall Plot near Jenkins Bridge    [TUA-45]
    Marshall Plot near New Church    [TUA-70]
    Marshall Plot on Saxis Island    [TUA-18]
    Marshside    [GS-109]
    Martin Burial Ground    [GS-210]
    Martin Plot north of Painter    [GS-94]
    Martin-Hatton at Melfa
    Mason Burial Ground    [GS-202]
    Mason Cemetery at Hopeton    [TUA-231]
    Mason Cemetery near Guilford    [TUA-285]
    Mason Cemetery on Maxwell Street    [TUA-317]
    Mason Cemetery south of Bloxom    [TUA-240]
    Mason Plot    [GS-145A]
    Mason Plot near Bloxom    [TUA-239]
    Mason Plot near Clam    [TUA-310]
    Mason Plot near Lee Mont    [TUA-325]
    Mason Plot near Parksley    [TUA-316]
    Matthews Plot at Oak Hall    [TUA-77]
    Matthews Plot near Mearsville    [TUA-269]
    Matthews Plot near Temperanceville    [TUA-87]
    Matthews-Wyatt Plot at Belle Haven    [GS-13A]
    McCready Plot    [TUA-275]
    McLane Plot    [GS-124]
    Meadville    [GS-280]
    Mears Burial Ground    [GS-121]
    Mears Cemetery    [GS-312]
    Mears Cemetery at Jenkins Bridge    [TUA-49]
    Mears Cemetery at Temperanceville    [TUA-86]
    Mears Graves    [GS-70]
    Mears of A.    [GS-310]
    Mears Plot    [GS-147]
    Mears Plot east of Winterville Road    [TUA-268]
    Mears Plot in Gargatha [not listed]
    Mears Plot near Gargatha    [TUA-194]
    Mears Plot near Modest Town    [TUA-188]
    Mears Plot near Nelsonia    [TUA-247]
    Mears-Bird    [GS-113]
    Mears-Downing    [GS-120]

    Mechanics Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-159A]
    Mechanics/Daisey Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-159B]
    Mechanics/Reynolds Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-159C]
    Merritt Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-153]
    Metompkin Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-203]
    Metropolitan Memorial A. M. E. Church    [GS-366]
    Miles Cemetery (north) on Saxis Island    [TUA-9]
    Miles Cemetery (south) on Saxis Island    [TUA-21]
    Miles Cemetery near Johnsons Corner    [TUA-83]
    Miles Cemetery near Sanford    [TUA-31]
    Miles Plot at Atlantic    [TUA-110]
    Miles-Groton    [GS-323]
    Milliner Place    [GS-322]
    Mink Farm [not listed]
    Mister Cemetery    [GS-211]
    Mitchell    [TUA-193]
    Mitchell's Hill-e (also known as Michael's Hill)    [GS-149]
    Mitchell's Hill-w (also known as Michael's Hill)    [GS-148]
    Modest Town Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-182]
    Montrose    [GS-300A]
    Moore Burial Ground    [GS-220]
    Moore Cemetery    [GS-374]

    Morrison Hill Cemetery at Frogstool    [GS-64]
    Mt. Custis    [GS-335]
    Mt. Holly Cemetery at Onancock
    Mt. Holly - South    [GS-293]
    Mt. Nebo African Baptist Church    [GS-254]
    Mt. Oregon    [GS-172]
    Mt. Pleasant    [GS-20]
    Mt. Willis    [GS-116]
    Mulberry Hill Cemetery    [TUA-30]
    Myrtle Grove    [GS-139]
    Myrtlewood Cemetery    [TUA-27]
    Nedab Cemetery    [GS-325]
    Negro Burial Ground    [GS-253]
    Nelson's Cemetery    [TUA-66]
    New Mt. Zion
    Nickawampus Farm    [GS-166]
    Nock Burial Ground    [GS-68]
    Nock Cemetery near Modest Town    [TUA-183]
    Nock Cemetery near Temperanceville    [TUA-92]
    Nock Plot    [GS-3]
    Nock Plot near North Accomack School    [TUA-255]
    Oak Grove Methodist Churchyard (Burton's Chapel)    [GS-158]
    Oatlands    [GS-278]
    Occohannock Cemetery (Belle Haven East)    [GI-244]
    Odd Fellows Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-151]
    Old Ashby Plot    [GS-190]

    Old Bell Plot    [GS-2]
    Old Beloat Place    [GS-304]
    Old Custis Graves    [GS-365]
    Old Custis Tract    [GS-388]
    Old Finney Farm (Rose Cottage)    [GS-167]
    Old Floyd Burial Ground    [GS-16]
    Old Harmon Graves    [GS-334]
    Old Harmon Plot    [GS-152]
    Old Homestead (Quinby)    [GS-47]
    Old Messongo Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-262]
    Old Nock Place    [GS-157]
    Old Nock Plot    [GS-157A]
    Old Onancock High School [not listed]
    Old Parker Property    [GS-215]
    Old Scott Farm    [GS-267]
    Old Trower (Anthony Bell Plot)    [GS-61]
    Old Trower (Fletcher Farm)    [GS-60]
    Old Walker Plot    [GS-197]
    Old West Place    [GS-83]
    Onancock    [GS-295]
    Onions (Quaker Meeting House at Guilford)    [TUA-288]
    Onley Cemetery    [TUA-181]
    Orchard Ridge, Smiths Island
    Paddy Plot    [GS-251]
    Parker Cemetery    [TUA-124]
    Parker Grave    [GS-189]
    Parker Place    [GS-222]
    Parker Plot    [GS-130]
    Parker-Bobtown    [GS-216]
    Parker-Core    [GS-204]
    Parkes Cemetery near Fisher Road    [TUA-221]
    Parkes Cemetery on Shultz Landing Road    [TUA-212]
    Parks Burial Ground    [GS-369]
    Parks Cemetery east of Guilford    [TUA-287]
    Parks Cemetery northwest of Parksley    [TUA-311]
    Parks Cemetery on Lang Lane    [TUA-206]
    Parks Plot    [GS-372]
    Parks Plot at Justisville    [TUA-319]
    Parks Plot near Bloxom    [TUA-237]
    Parks Plot near Clam    [TUA-303]
    Parks Plot near Nelsonia    [TUA-186]
    Parks Plot on Hunting Creek    [TUA-331]
    Parksley    [GS-401]
    Parramore Cemetery    [TUA-103]
    Parramore Cemetery    [GS-186]
    Peter's Row    [not listed]
    Pettit Cemetery    [TUA-137]
    Phillips Grave    [GS-265]

    Phillips Place    [GS-11] [GI-263]
    Pitts Burial Ground    [GS-144]
    Poplar Cove    [GS-277]
    Poplar Grove    [GS-140]
    Popular Grove Cemetery    [TUA-125]
    Poulson Cemetery    [TUA-271]
    Poulson Cemetery (sometimes called "Cokesbury")    [GS-289]
    Poulson Grave    [GS-58]
    Powell Lot    [GS-42]
    Powell Plot    [GS-7]
    Pungoteague Methodist Church    [GS-123]
    Quaker Meeting House at Guilford (Onions)    [TUA-288]
    Quinby Cemetery
    Ravenswood    [GS-174]
    Rayfield Cemetery    [TUA-284]
    Rayfield Plot    [GS-276]
    Read Burial Ground    [GS-143]
    Read Plot    [GS-231]
    Red Mens Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-144]
    Reed Plot on Chincoteague    [TUA-161]
    Rew Cemetery at Centerville    [TUA-209]
    Rew Plot    [GS-219]

    Rew Plot at Justisville    [TUA-318]
    Rew Plot at Rew    [TUA-228]
    Rew Plot near Parksley    [TUA-218]
    Richardson Grave    [GS-191]

    Ridge Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-142]
    Riggs Cemetery    [TUA-290]
    Riley Cemetery    [TUA-281]
    Riley Plot    [GS-360]
    Risley Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-146]
    Robins Plot    [TUA-52]
    Rodgers Cemetery    [GS-249]
    Rodgers Plot    [GS-132]
    Rodgers-Boggs    [GS-247]
    Rodgers-Poulson    [GS-279]
    Rogersville    [GS-142]
    Rose Cottage (Old Finney Farm)    [GS-167]
    Ross Cemetery    [TUA-192]
    Ross' Run    [GS-317]
    Rowley Cemetery    [TUA-75]
    Runneymeade    [GS-337]
    Rural Felicity    [GS-315]
    Russell Cemetery    [TUA-301]
    Sample Plot    [GS-23A]
    Saulsbury Plot    [not listed]
    Savage Burial    [GS-358]
    Savage Burial Ground    [GS-96]
    Savage Grave    [GS-153]
    Savage Plot    [GS-65]
    Savage Plot near Hopeton    [TUA-233]
    Savage Plot on Muddy Creek Road    [TUA-280]
    Savage Site    [GS-182]
    Savage-Harmon    [GS-205A]
    Savage-Northan    [GS-383]
    Savageville    [GS-258]
    Scarborough Marker    [GS-225]
    Scarburgh Graves    [GS-226]
    Scott Burial Ground    [GS-396]
    Scott Hall (Place)    [GS-284]
    Scott-Bishop    [GS-356]
    Selby Cemetery    [TUA-123]
    Selby Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-6]
    Seven Gables    [GS-343]
    Seymour-Ross House    [GS-350]
    Seymour-Snead    [GS-285]
    Shabby Hall    [GS-177]
    Shay Cemetery    [TUA-47]
    Sherwood Cemetery    [GS-298]
    Shield Plot    [GS-173]
    Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery near Atlantic    [TUA-107]
    Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery near Craddockville    [GS-86]
    Shirley    [GS-137]
    Shreaves Plot    [TUA-217]
    Silverthorn Cemetery at Horntown    [TUA-131]
    Silverthorn Plot near Sign Post    [TUA-138]
    Simpson Cemetery    [TUA-242]
    Slocomb Plot    [TUA-64]
    Smith Cemetery at Centerville    [TUA-215]
    Smith Cemetery at Oak Hall    [TUA-76]
    Smith Cemetery north of Jenkins Bridge    [TUA-51]
    Smith Plot    [GS-243]
    Smith's Burial Ground    [GS-80]
    Smith's Chapel Site    [GS-43]
    Snead Family Plot    [GS-281]
    Snead's    [GS-67]
    Snugly    [GS-221]
    Somers Plot    [TUA-279]
    Sparrow Cemetery    [TUA-22]
    St. Georges Episcopal Church Cemetery at Pungoteague
    St. James Church    [GS-347]
    St. Johns United Methodist Church Cemetery    [TUA-105]
    St. Joseph Holiness Church Cemetery    [TUA-106]
    St. Joseph's    [GS-17]
    St. Luke's    [GS-326]
    St. Paul's African Methodist Episcopal Church    [GS-128]
    Stant Cemetery    [TUA-32]
    Stephens Plot    [GS-313]
    Sterling Plot    [TUA-81]
    Stevenson Burial Ground    [GS-355]
    Stewart Cemetery    [GS-184]
    Stockley Plot    [GS-63]
    Stockley-Mears    [GS-160]
    Stran Cemetery    [TUA-320]
    Sturgis Burial Ground    [GS-23]
    Sturgis Plot    [GS-22]
    Sturgis-Painter    [GS-10]
    Summers Cemetery    [TUA-328]
    Swain Memorial Church on Tangier Island (part of Main Ridge)    [TUA-3]
    Swanger Graves    [GS-179]
    Sycamores    [GS-141]
    Sylvan Retreat    [GS-91]
    Tangier Island - Unknown Cemetery
    Tatham Plot    [TUA-109]
    Tavern Lot    [GS-351]
    Taylor Cemetery near Hopeton    [TUA-308]
    Taylor Cemetery on Arbuckle Neck Road    [TUA-99]
    Taylor Cemetery on Bogues Bay    [TUA-104]
    Taylor Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-145]
    Taylor Cemetery on Guilford Creek    [TUA-294]
    Taylor Cemetery on Saxis Island    [TUA-10]
    Taylor Farm (Mappsburg)    [GS-41]
    Taylor Grave    [GS-269]
    Taylor Plot at Guilford    [TUA-291]
    Taylor Plot near Accomack Wayside    [TUA-216]
    Taylor Plot near Ewell Road    [TUA-297]
    Taylor Plot near John Taylor Road    [TUA-164]
    Taylor Plot near Saxis Road    [TUA-33]
    Taylor Plot near Temperanceville    [TUA-85]
    Taylor Plot near Youngs Creek Road    [TUA-305]
    Taylor Plot north of Ann's Cove Road    [TUA-295]
    Taylor Plot north of Guilford    [TUA-292]
    Taylor Plot south of Ann's Cove Road    [TUA-296]
    Taylor Plot west of Arbuckle Place    [TUA-98]
    Taylor south of Messongo Bridge    [TUA-263]
    Teackle House    [GS-108]
    Teagle Plot    [TUA-190]
    The Folly    [GS-329]
    The Glebe    [GS-21]
    Thomas H. Bell Plot    [GS-59]
    Thornton Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-156]
    Thornton Plot    [TUA-97]
    Thorny Crest    [GS-51]
    Thoro Mears    [GS-73]
    Tipton Farm    [GS-37]
    Topping Lot    [GS-246]
    Trader Cemetery near Hallwood    [TUA-94]
    Trader near Mappsville    [TUA-254]
    Trader Plot    [GS-122]
    Trader Plot at Sanford    [TUA-24]
    Trehern Cemetery    [TUA-298]
    Tull Cemetery at Wagram    [TUA-62]
    Tunnell Cemetery (Tunnel Plot at Pastoria)    [GS-379 and TUA-211]
    Tunnell Cemetery near Atlantic    [TUA-115]
    Turlington Burial Ground    [GS-56]
    Turlington Family Plot    [GS-194]
    Turlington Place    [GS-156]
    Turlington-Jester    [GS-125]
    Turner Plot    [GS-8]
    Twyford Graves    [GS-349]
    Twyford Plot    [TUA-214]
    Tyndall Plot    [TUA-88]
    Underhill Point    [GS-236]
    Unidentified Bloxom Plot    [not listed]
    Unidentified Cemetery [?]
    Unidentified Cemetery Near Ticktown
    Unidentified Cemetery Near Withams
Unidentified Plot near Greenbush [not listed]
    Unidentified Smith Plot    [not listed]
    Union Franklin Cemetery    [TUA-140]
    Union Greenbackville Cemetery    [TUA-139]
    Union UME Church, Tylerton, Smiths Island
    Upperds on Tangier Island    [TUA-1]
    Vale of Shavez    [GS-25A]
    Vaux Hall    [GS-218]

    Wachapreague Burial Ground    [GS-107]
    Wachapreague Cemetery (on Rt. 605)    [GS-111]
    Walker Burial Ground    [GS-314]
    Walker Farm    [GS-92]
    Wallace Plot    [GS-66]
    Wallop Plot    [TUA-118]
    Walston Cemetery    [GS-342]
    Walter Grave    [GS-19]
    Waples Place    [GS-359]
    Ward Burial Ground    [GS-307]

    Ward Family Cemetery    [GS-14 and GI-245]
    Ward Plot    [GS-195]

    Warwick    [GS-4]
    Waterfield Farm    [GS-89]
    Watkinson Plot [not listed]
    Watson Cemetery    [GS-299]
    Watson Cemetery east of Chincoteague    [TUA-163]
    Watts Island    [GS-387]
    Wattsville United Methodist Church Cemetery    [TUA-120]
    Welbourne Cemetery    [TUA-130]
    Wessells Cemetery near Adelaide Street    [TUA-222]
    Wessells Cemetery near Bloxom
    Wessells Cemetery near Rew    [TUA-226]
    Wessells Plot    [GS-368]
    Wessells Plot near Guilford    [TUA-299]
    Wessells Plot northwest of Parksley    [TUA-223]
    Wessels Plot near Parksley    [TUA-312]
    West Burial Ground    [GS-288]
    West Graves    [GS-255]
    West Lot    [GS-95]
    West Place    [GS-385]
    West Plot    [TUA-176]
    West Ridge on Tangier Island    [TUA-2]
    Wharton Cemetery    [TUA-202]
    Wharton Cemetery near Mappsville    [TUA-168]
    Wharton Plot at Sunderland Hall    [TUA-197]
    Whealton Cemetery on Chincoteague    [TUA-143]
    White Burial Ground    [GS-301]
    White Plot    [GS-1]
    White Plot    [TUA-114]
    White-Bayley    [GS-291]
    Wilkins Burial Ground    [GS-345]
    Willett Burial Ground    [GS-397]
    William C. White Grave [incorrectly listed in Tombstone Inscriptions]
    Williams Plot at Sanford    [TUA-26]
    Willis Grave    [GS-14A]
    Willow Bank    [GS-175]
    Winder Cemetery    [TUA-117]
    Wise Cemetery    [GS-363]
    Wise Plot    [GS-377] [also listed as #210 in TUA: Wise Plot East of Pastoria]
    Withams 1 Cemetery    [TUA-54]
    Withams 2 Cemetery    [TUA-56]
    Withams 3 Cemetery    [TUA-55]
    Woodbourne Site    [GS-338]
    Woodbury Church Cemetery    [TUA-195]
    Wright Cemetery at Rew    [TUA-227]
    Wright Plot near Hopeton    [TUA-307]
    Wright Plot near Mappsville    [TUA-174]
    Young Plot at Bloxom    [TUA-283]
    Young Plot at Mearsville    [TUA-276]
    Zion Baptist Church Cemetery    [TUA-207]

(Based on the lists found in Jean Mihalyka and Faye Downing Wilson's Graven Stones: Inscriptions from Lower Accomack County, Virginia,  including Liberty and Parksley Cemeteries, and Mary Frances Carey, Moody K. Miles III, and Barry W. Miles' Tombstone Inscriptions of Upper Accomack County, Virginia.  Abbreviations in brackets refer to these works.  "GI" refers to Gravestone Inscriptions.  See the Northampton list.)

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